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Our Headquarter 
   Kenya Rural Roads Authority,
   Blueshield Towers,
   Upperhill, 6th Floor,
   P.o. Box 48151-00100, 
   Nairobi. Kenya.
Our Contacts
 Tel: +254(20)8013846/ 2710451/
Mobile: +254 724 735 568 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    When was KeRRA formed?
KeRRA is a State Parastatal under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure established through the Kenya Roads Act 2007.

2.    What are the functions of the Authority?
KeRRA is responsible for the management, development, rehabilitation and maintenance of rural roads, classified as D, E and others.

3.    How are Roads Categorized?
Road classification in Kenya takes into account the function the road serves i.e.

  1. If the Road serves as a link between centres of international importance, crossing international boundaries or terminating at international ports (Class A roads-International Trunk Roads)
  2. If the road links nationally important centres, principal towns or urban centres (Class B roads-National Trunk Roads)
  3. A road that links provincially important centres to each other or to higher class roads are Class C roads or Primary Roads
  4. If a road links locally important centres  to each other or to a more important centre, or to a higher class road it  is a class D Road (Secondary Road)
  5. Any road link to a minor centre, market or local center is a Class E Road(Minor Road)

In addition there are other Classes of road as per usage (Special Roads) i.e;

  1. Forest Roads Class F Roads
  2. Roads serving  Schools, Hospitals and Government Institutions Class G roads
  3. Roads leading to Coffee(Kahawa) growing areas Class K Roads
  4. Roads accessing settlement schemes Class L Roads
  5. National Park Roads Class P Roads
  6. Roads Accessing Rural areas Class R
  7. Roads Accessing Sugar growing areas Class S
  8. Roads accessing tea growing places Class T Roads
  9. Unclassified Rural Roads including those leading to areas with mineral deposits Class U Roads
  10. Roads Accessing Wheat growing areas Class W Roads

4.    How is Road Construction Prioritized?
The Finance Act 2009 set up Constituency Roads Committees in each constituency in Kenya which, under the assistance of each Member of Parliament, advices KeRRA on the formulation of an annual roads programme and the roads to be included in it. These committees thus prioritize projects within their jurisdiction and which are hence implemented under the supervision of KeRRA.

5.    Where can I find KeRRA offices?
KeRRA has 47 Regional Offices spread in each of the 47 counties as stipulated in the current constitution. Each office is headed by a regional manager who represents the Director General in each County.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018
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Our Location 
Kenya Rural Roads Authority,
Blueshield Towers,
Upperhill, 6th Floor,
P.o. Box 48151-00100, 
Nairobi. Kenya.
Our Contacts
Tel: +254 (20) 2710464
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